volunteer thumbnailWould you like be a sponsor to one of our vulnerable children? Every child deserves a gift of education and that’s why at Hands Across Oceans we emphasize on education for under privileged children. We appreciate you taking your time to be part of our mission and in return we will keep you up to date with every development or changes happening at Hands Across Oceans.

  1. A Monthly gift of $ 35.00 or a onetime gift of $ 420.00 will provide educational and basic needs (food, shelter and clothing) for a child in an elementary school for a year.
  2. A quarterly gift of $ 40.00 will provide educational supplies for a child per semester (Per Term)
  3.  A onetime donation of $ 10 will provide lunch for a vulnerable child in elementary school for one month.
  4. A monthly gift of $ 88.00 or a onetime gift of $ 1,050.00 will sponsor one child to High school for a whole year.
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volunteer thumbnailWe also plan to open at least two Orphanages with 20 children each in Villages in Kenya. This will be an exciting opportunity to those groups or organization that would love to be part of our projects. If you become a sponsor to an Orphanage, you will have the opportunity to choose the name of the orphanage (Can be named after your group or in memory of a loved one) also you will be part of the designing team.

Service Areas

Our charitable machinery operates to benefit children and women in difficult life situations. We hope to amass donations and gather volunteers as we implement projects on areas such as:

  • Build 2 Orphanages with 20 children each per year.
  • Equip Local Hospitals with Machineries.
  • Empower Youth Organizations.
  • Empower Women Groups

Contact Information

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