thumbnail imageSome of the children we have met lately have been young underage girls that are victims of sexual abuse and there is little to no help in place for them. We would like to partner with someone, a group or Corporations willing to join us in achieving this goal OR to host fundraisings to help us build an Emergency Resource Center for Sexually abused underage girls. This is a big project that will help many young girls that their innocence have been stolen and have no one to turn to or don’t know how to move forward. Thru your help, we can achieve it. Our major goal for this project is to raise about $ 55,000.

We also have plans to expand our charity projects that will benefit so many children and families in Kenya

Some of our projects include:
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  • Establishing atleast 2 Orphanages with 20 children in each orphanage in different Villages in Kenya.
  • Provide Medical Attention (thru medical camps and Health Fairs) in rural areas
  • Provide clean drinking water & food to orphans and widows in the community
  • Educate on Community Development thru Youth Organizations
  • Continue Providing Educational materials like books, pencils, uniforms for needy children

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Service Areas

Our charitable machinery operates to benefit children and women in difficult life situations. We hope to amass donations and gather volunteers as we implement projects on areas such as:

  • Build 2 Orphanages with 20 children each per year.
  • Equip Local Hospitals with Machineries.
  • Empower Youth Organizations.
  • Empower Women Groups

Contact Information

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