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A Black American volunteer doing a thumbs-up sign with the other volunteers in the backgroundHands Across Oceans is a nonprofit organization with a goal to fight poverty and provide affordable health care to the indigent population of Africa. We plan on doing this by providing basic need (Food, shelter and clothing), mentoring, empowering and educating the indigent community and by coordinating health fairs and medical camps.

We are a registered Non-Profit Organization in Irving TX since 2011 and approved by the IRS as a 501c3. Our mission is to provide Educational, Medication, Medical supplies and Development assistance to the people in need in the African Continent. Our current focus has been in Kenya with plans to expand to Equatorial Guinea.

Millicent S. AtienoMs. Millicent S. Atieno is the Founder and CEO of Hands Across Oceans. Born and raised in Kenya, Ms Atieno overcame so many obstacles. Her Father died when she was only 8yrs old and life became un bearable. She lived in poverty, most of the time her family would sleep without food or only have one meal a day. But that did not stop her passion for children and the less fortunate in her community. She would lead the Sunday school in Church and help the elderly in her village by doing their laundry or fetching for them water from the river.

Millicent S. AtienoWhen she got an opportunity to come to USA, she believed it was the greatest blessing God gave her for a better future. However, she never forgot about her past and vowed to be a blessing to other less fortunate. She believes that “to those that more is given, more is expected and they have a moral responsibility to give back”. She founded Hands Across Oceans in August 2011 with the goal of helping the needy, the hungry, the sick, the orphans and the uneducated people worldwide. And since then, Every year her organization has sponsored orphans in Kogony village by providing school supplies, clothes and medical check ups (thru medical camps), Sponsored the Children of Arise and Shine Orphanage in Kogony Kisumu too.

Join us in fulfilling Ms Atieno’s passion for Orphans and give hope to those giving up in life because of poverty.

Service Areas

Our charitable machinery operates to benefit children and women in difficult life situations. We hope to amass donations and gather volunteers as we implement projects on areas such as:

  • Build 2 Orphanages with 20 children each per year.
  • Equip Local Hospitals with Machineries.
  • Empower Youth Organizations.
  • Empower Women Groups

Contact Information

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